Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly by Shannon, Eva, Alyson, and Zaya T. Ms Rabina's 6th grade class, 2014. Thomas Starr King Middle School.
Monarch Butterfly by Alyson C, Shannon F, Bayanzaya T, and Eva W. Ms Rabina’s 6th grade class, Thomas Starr King Middle School, 2014. Fabric and felt appliqué, embroidery, and rubber stamps.

The Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus) is capable of amazing migratorial feats of up to 3,000 of miles. There are two distinct Monarch populations in north America. The western population of Monarchs migrate from Mexico to parts of California, while the eastern population migrate as far north as southern Canada. Monarch populations are now threatened by climate change, pesticides, and the loss of the milk weed their larva need to feed on.

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