Grey Wolf

Grey Wolf by Corinne, Jasper, Jasmine, and Trixie. Mr Rabina's 6th grade class, 2014. Fabric and faux fur appliqué with rubber stamps.
Grey Wolf by Trixie B, Corinne L, Jasmine S, and Jasper T. Ms Rabina’s 6th grade class, Thomas Starr King Middle School,  2014.  Fabric and faux fur appliqué with rubber stamps.

The Grey Wolf (Canis lupis) evolved in Eurasia during the Pleistocene, and eventually migrated to both Northern Africa and North America. They were once plentiful in the lower 48 states, but were hunted to near extinction by the 1930s. They were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park in 1995, and today there are only wolves in Canada, Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, the Northern Rockies and the Great Lakes region.  Grey wolves usually travel in packs consisting of an alpha male and female, and their offspring.

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