Who We Are

Sew the SEEDS is a loose knit group of students, teachers, stitchers, environmentalists, artists, and concerned individuals who combine art and education to tell the stories of the myriad number of species currently threatened with extinction. We invite you to follow our model and share your panels, information and stories as well. 

Sherrell Cuneo:  Sew The SEEDS Founder and Quilt Wrangler 

As a child I wanted to be an ornithologist,  and have always felt an emotional bond with animals and environmental issues. I have worked as a costumer for most of my life, honing my crafting skills in the process, and I have organized several community quilt projects.

I was saddened by the passing of Lonesome George, and felt called upon to DO SOMETHING. The obvious parallel with the AIDS Quilt leapt to mind and evolved into the idea for Sew The SEEDS.

My first to panels were for George and Martha. In an attempt to ‘walk the walk’, Lonesome George the Pinta Island Tortoise, and Martha the last Passenger Pigeon were sewn by hand or with the help of a 1906 Singer sewing machine that runs like a dream. I am currently working on a panel for the Thylacene or Tasmanian Wolf using unbleached muslin and eco dyed silk chiffon.

contact: sherrell@sewtheseeds.org

I would love to hear from you. If the link doesn’t work please copy and paste. I’ve been receiving an inordinate amount of robo-spam lately, and I’m trying to work things out.



Friends: We would like to thank the following people and organizations for their help and generous support:

Ms Linda Harada and Ms Aileen Rabina, the extraordinary teachers at Thomas Starr King Middle School, who saw possibility and made it happen.

Absolutely everyone at Turtle Island Restoration Project, but especially Dr Chris Pincetich and Madeline Rose for their encouragement, and the suggestion that led to our ‘extra panel’. It was a pleasure working with you.

Mike Chrisman, Director of the Southwestern Partnership Office at the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, for his encouragement early on.

Candice Cain at the Center Theater Group Costume Shop for the generous donation of fabric and faux fur for the kid’s projects.

Poppy Cannon Reese at the Universal Studios Costume Shop for her very generous donation of fabric for round two of Sew the SEEDS.

Leslie Weinstein and everyone at Friends of King for all of their support.

Angela Crane at The Center for Biological Diversity for her support and her suggestion to include Endangered Species Act success stories.

Herman Trabisch at New Energy News for writing an incredible article about the project.

Anna Mirocha at the Center for Biological Diversity for featuring Sew the SEEDS in their Activist Spotlight.

Joel Greenberg at Project Passenger Pigeon for inspiration and for somehow arranging for me to view the passenger pigeon “shot by a Swede, North Bridge & York, Fairfield Co. Aug 1906”.

Tomas O’Grady and Enrich LA for their support and inspiration.

Josue Bustos for making this website possible.

Vivian Altmann for the conversation that sparked the idea.

And Michael and Apple for their support throughout.